Client Testimonials


At Turnkey Compliance Solutions, we view ourselves as extensions of our clients’ teams. We take the time to understand their businesses, and to provide true turnkey solutions that help them achieve operational excellence in an ever-changing regulatory environment. When we are aligned in that philosophy, our clients benefit the most, achieving the highest level of compliance status and realizing other efficiency and cost-saving measures.

Our client partners comprise many different types of businesses: government agencies, municipalities, hospitals, manufacturers and other Fortune 500 organizations. Regardless of the type of business, they all have one thing in common: the need to deliver highly precise, sophisticated products and services while realizing the benefits of a successful compliance program.

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“I’ve worked with the Turnkey team for about 12 years. Their service to us has been outstanding. As the Environmental & Facilities Manager, I rely on them for their technical expertise in helping us create the safest workplace for our employees.”

– Environmental & Facilities Manager, Large Manufacturing Client

We contracted Turnkey Compliance Solutions to manage our environmental, health, and safety program after working with them on a number of projects. Our major issue as a business was that we are not EHS professionals and we needed to research every EHS requirement to try to stay in compliance. This was time-consuming and took our focus away from doing our core business expertise. There was also the concern that there could be something we were out of compliance with that we didn’t know about. In contracting Turnkey to manage our EHS program, we have confidence in our compliance, have access to Nick, Melanie, Ryan and Mike who are incredibly familiar with the regulations and introduce best practices that work! We get training that is specific to our needs from experienced EHS professionals instead of the cookie-cutter training that is out there. The end result is that we have a stronger EHS program and have accomplished this at a lower overall cost to our business. Turnkey has also incorporated FAA required Human Factors training into our program, streamlining those efforts as well.

– Mike H., Operations Manager, Aerospace Industrial Facility

Turnkey Compliance Solutions has been a key part of the Safety Improvement Mission over the last 10 years supporting the development of our entire Safety Program. What separates Turnkey from other safety companies is that they can support the Environmental programs as well as the Health & Safety programs, which helps with standardization and alignment with the company’s culture. They spend time in our facility, they involve not only the management but the personnel on the floor and this hands on approach, results in very well-written programs. I believe the biggest value that Turnkey brings to our company is that they will cater their support to what we need. At first, they were heavily involved, working hand in hand to create our safety structure, but as the years continued, they taught us how to support our own needs and depend on them less. Turnkey has become part of the team and is not just a safety consulting company. This is why I look forward to working with them for the next 10 years.

– Bryan R., Paint and Coatings Manufacturing

A note to Melanie Folcik Barillaro

Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to let you know that, because of the excellent training we received from you, myself, Adam, and Kenny were able to save an employee’s life last week. The employee was working around his area when he “suddenly” dropped to the ground and stopped breathing. We started CPR and were able to get him breathing until the ambulance arrived. He is now in the hospital and in stable condition.

The plant manager thinks this is a good time to offer a CPR class. Now that we have the realization that something like this can happen, more people want to be prepared.

Thanks, Will

Will – Specialty Plastics

The Turnkey Solutions visit this week was very productive. I will be adding additional action items to my EHS action item log and also updating to show several actions now complete or nearly complete with Turnkey’s assistance. I should mention that the Turnkey crew is the best I’ve ever seen at what they do. Nice job.

Steve H, Quality Control Manager and EHS Coordinator

I just wanted to send a note to you about my thoughts on yesterday’s training. I have to say that Melanie did what I believe the best training I have received. I wish all classes were as precise and to the point as she made this class to be. Great job. Thank you, Art

Art – Supervisor, Specialty Manufacturer

The consensus from my employees was this was the best First Aid and CPR training they had ever attended!! It was engaging, informative and Melanie gave interesting real world examples. See you next year for a refresher.

Charlie M. – Maintenance Supervisor

Your presentation, enthusiasm, ability to engage the participants and ability to respond to questions were at the highest professional level. Turnkey should be very proud of the services it is able to provide and the manner in which those services are provided. We are most fortunate to have retained Turnkey Compliance Solutions.

Carl Z. – Senior Vice President, Technology – CT Specialty Manufacturer

I’ve worked with Turnkey Compliance Solutions on many occasions and have found them to be very responsive to my requests. They have thorough knowledge of environmental regulations such as stormwater, wastewater, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and DOT regulations.

…Turnkey has been able to formulate and execute plans to comply with these regulations in a timely manner and at very competitive rates…Turnkey has a very nice network of cross-discipline contacts.

…to put it simply, after working with Turnkey on so many projects, it is a “no brainer” to call them for other projects that arise.

Jeff B. – Facilities Manager – CT Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

We started working with Turnkey for one simple reason: they answered the phone and followed through with our requests. From day one, we worked with the same person and we were never shuffled around from person to person. Their responsiveness and dedication to client needs is unmatched in my experience.

Omar L. – EHS Director, Specialty Resin Manufacturer.

When our member businesses ask “How can we effectively manage the environmental health and safety aspects of our small business?”, I respond, “Call Turnkey.”

Tony R. – President, Professional Business Association

I have been on the safety committee for many years and I just want to say that yesterday’s meeting was one of the best we have ever had. With the help of the outside consultants and you we all learned a lot about how the overall operation ranks from an outside view. We also learned a lot of things we can do as safety team members to improve how we do inspections. I think some of the safety team members also realized at this meeting they have a big chance to help change the safety culture in the operation too and it’s just not a management thing. Nice job and keep pushing the safety! Thanks.

Bruce A. – Manufacturing Manager, Mechanical Products
Manufacturer of Precision Pressure and Temperature Instrument