Regulatory Program Compliance

Regulatory Program Compliance

Walden’s engineers, geologists and environmental scientists work within the complex framework of environmental regulations on a daily basis.  We have the expertise and resources to help clients achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.  Walden performs environmental compliance audits to head off potential violations and fines.  We know how to comply with a wide range of programs, ranging from local health department regulations on chemical and petroleum storage to large scale RCRA and Superfund site.  Walden evaluates facilities and operations through the eyes of an inspector, and based on our observations, we develop plans to achieve and maintain compliance with applicable regulatory program requirements. 

Walden’s Regulatory Program Compliance Services are listed below:


Auto Dealership Services

As a member of the Greater New York Auto Dealers Association (GNYADA), Walden Environmental Engineering, PLLC (Walden) is aware of the issues that face car dealerships in their day to day operations. Read more

Erosion Control and Shoreline Stabilization

Continued erosion had been impacting land around the shore at the project location on property owned by Walden’s client, a local municipality on the South Shore of Long Island. Read more

Community Rating System (CRS) Application and Repetitive Loss Area Analysis (RLAA)

As a low-lying area on the southern shore of Long Island, the Village’s low surface elevation coupled with the existing condition of its drainage system has resulted in prolonged street flooding at some locations during rain events, depending on rainfall totals and tide conditions. Read more