Site Investigations and Remediation

Site Investigations and Remediation

Walden performs investigations to characterize soil, soil vapor, and groundwater conditions at sites ranging from small fuel spills to RCRA and Superfund sites. At Walden, we tailor investigations based on site characteristics and project objectives to ensure a cost-effective approach.  Walden’s professionals also perform Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments for due diligence to protect clients from taking on onerous environmental liabilities during property transactions. After the nature and extent of contamination at a site are defined, Walden develops a Remedial Action Plan describing the recommended remediation option, representing the most appropriate alternative to achieve the objectives in a cost-effective manner. Walden has the expertise to effectively and efficiently fulfill your site investigation and remediation needs.

Walden’s Site Investigations and Remediation Services are listed below:


Sub Slab Depressurization System for a Preschool

Walden provided engineering design and consulting services to a NYC-based real-estate developer and building management company in partnership with a local environmental services firm. Read more

Brownfields Cleanup Program Application and Site Remediation

The PCE contamination was suspected to originate from floor drains and from a leaching pool and drywell on the property that were associated with the former dry cleaner operations. Read more

Spill Investigation and Remediation System Design

A release of gasoline was discovered during the excavation of a former fuel dispensing system at a site operated by a municipality in Long Island, New York. A rainbow sheen was observed on the groundwater within the excavation. Read more

Underground Injection Control Consent Order Compliance Services

Walden has conducted detailed, long-term negotiations with USEPA Region II related to finalizing the terms and conditions of the underground injection control (UIC) consent order for the Town since the consent order was issued in 1998. Walden took preliminary steps to establish good faith with USEPA and develop a cost-effective program to address the Town’s UIC issues. Read more