Shared Services and Inter-Municipal Agreements

Shared Services and Intermunicipal Agreements

Municipalities and utility agencies are increasingly looking for partnerships, collaborations and regionalization efforts to decrease costs, increase efficiencies and better utilize resources for their constituents and rate payers. Shared Service agreements can optimize the services and resources that cooperating agencies have in place. Intermunicipal Agreements can provide a legal, long-term framework for communities to better serve their customers and residents. Walden has led the effort to craft such agreements among dozens of governmental agencies and utility providers, saving millions of dollars in costs to tax payers and rate payers. Walden can help you get more out of less through creative partnering and effective agreements.

Walden’s Shared Services and Intermunicipal Agreement Services are Listed Below:


Municipal Utility Consolidation Efforts

Walden applied for a grant on behalf of the Town to help fund consolidating flows with the nearby Village’s sewer plant. Read more

Shared Services: P3 Agreement between Utility Providers

In a successful effort to leverage the assets and resources of utility providers, Walden led the work for a City entering a unique public-private partnership (PPP) with a competing Private Utility. This project was nominated for the United States Water Prize (2019). Read more

Utility Regionalization – Sanitary Sewer and Drinking Water Systems

Walden provided a water and wastewater infrastructure review, assessment, and recommendation to County Commissioners who were looking to consolidate systems in a cooperative effort. Read more

Shared Services Agreement: City and County Regional Water and Sewer District

Walden served as an engineering and strategic advisor to the City and led cooperative efforts from both agencies to implement a long-term interlocal agreement to save rate payer dollars.  This project was nominated for the United States Water Prize (2019). Read more